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In 1939, President Roosevelt issued a secret directive to hand over all intelligence work, counterintelligence work and destruction of the enemy to the FBI and the Land and Naval Intelligence Department. At the same time, CIA certificates replica, duplicate CIA certificates, where to buying CIA certificate, he also authorized the FBI in Latin America for the axis of the spy to carry out anti-intelligence and security work. June 22, 1941, Germany war on the Soviet Union. The severity of the situation has been much higher than previously expected, Roosevelt quickly made a decision to set up the US Information Coordination Bureau, by William Joseph Donovan director. July 1941, Donovan from the budget office to come to 450,000 US dollars in funding, near the White House in several old buildings began to work. Formal work is destruction, espionage, anti-spy and deployment, the implementation of secret operations, these work later became the basic action of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. buy a Certified Internal Auditor certificate, where to get a fake CIA certificate, making Certified Internal Auditor certificate, buying Certified Internal Auditor certificates.

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